Emeric Bron

Emeric Bron, Postdoctoral researcher at Instituto de Física Fundamental (IFF, CSIC).

Research interests:

• Stellar retroactions on molecular clouds, photo-dissociation regions, H2 physics in the ISM, and surface processes on dust.
• Coupled chemistry, radiative transfer and hydrodynamics modeling of molecular clouds. Stochastic modeling approaches for fluctuation problems.
• Interpretation of IR (Herschel, ISO, Spitzer), radio (IRAM-30m, PdB, ALMA), and UV (FUSE) observations with astrophysical models
• Preparation of JWST observations of the ISM
• Machine learning and Big Data methods applied to ISM studies.


• 2011 : Graduate in Physics, Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris) and Masters degree in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Observatoire de Paris/Université Paris Diderot
• 2011-2014 : PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Observatoire de Paris/Université Paris Diderot, LERMA, Subject : Stochastic processes in the ISM (link : https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-01111148v3/document)
• 2014-2015 : Research and Teaching contract at CNRS/Observatoire de Paris, LERMA
• 2016-present : Post-Doc at ICMM-CSIC and IFF-CSIC, ERC Nanocosmos

Publications: Link to Refereed Articles in ADS- Astrophysics Data System

3 selected publications:
• Dissecting the molecular structure of the Orion B cloud: insight from principal component analysis, Gratier, Bron et al. 2017, A&A, 599, A100
• Efficient ortho-para conversion of H2 on interstellar grain surfaces, Bron et al. 2016, A&A, 588, A27
• Surface chemistry in the interstellar medium. II. H2 formation on dust with random temperature fluctuations, Bron et al. 2014, A&A, 569, A100

• MOOC “Peser l’Univers”, Observatoire de Paris (2 sessions, fall 2015 and spring 2016)
• Teaching of various tutorial and practical classes from first year to masters level at Université Paris Diderot and Observatoire de Paris (248 hours in total).