In this page you will find the outreach articles based on papers of our group since 2015. They are mainly articles published in Spanish and translated into English.

Old and new

Funambulist stars

But… what happens in those globules?

L483 Trilogy (Part Three) – Where do you hide, Dicyanopolyyne?

L483 trilogy (Part Two) – Put a radical in your dark cloud.

L483 trilogy (Part One) – In Search of Lost Sulphur

Star eats cloud (or “In Orion it’s no time for joking”)

Molecular detectives

The big yellow void…

Baby, baby, baby, light my way

Calibrating the Submillimetre Sky

More statements by IRC+10216: “You’re very heavy on carbon, really”

New observations of the Orion B nebula reveal the anatomy of a star-forming reservoir

IK Tau, an “oxygenated” death

The Bug Nebula* and the (no) One Ring

The dust trap

Flatulence in Space (III)

The torus around a supermassive black hole, observed for the first time

Second generation planets?

“Gas on the rocks”: shaken, not stirred

IRC+10216 returns: “Leave me alone!”

Who’s so tEMErarious in the fierce Orion?

Flatulence in Space (II)

Orion’s skin

Flatulence in Space (I)

Cyanogen: a poison, a comet and a Jedi story

IRC+10216 asks for respect for her privacy

Twenty years is nothing (for silicon carbide)

A surprisingly abundant radical

Surprises in the Rotten Egg Nebula

Hydrocarbon open bar in Orion

Something smells rotten… in Orion KL