Nuria Marcelino

Dra. Nuria Marcelino, Postdoctoral  researcher at Instituto de Física Fundamental (IFF, CSIC).

Research interests:
Astrochemistry. Interstellar medium and star formation. Millimeter radioastronomy and interferometry. Observational support experience.


– Graduate in Physics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2002).

– Master Thesis: “Deuterated Molecules in Dark Clouds: First Detection of D2CS in Space”, supervised by Rainer Mauersberger and Jose Cernicharo. Universidad de Granada (09/2004).

– PhD Thesis: “Study of the Chemistry in Dark Clouds”,  supervised by Rainer Mauersberger and Jose Cernicharo. Universidad de Granada (12/2007).

Previous positions:

– Predoctoral fellow at the Institut de Radioastronomie Millimetrique (IRAM), Granada, Spain (04/2003–03/2007).

– Postdoctoral fellow at the Instituto de Estructura de la Materia (CSIC) and Centro de Astrobiologia (CSIC-INTA), Madrid, Spain (04/2007-10/2010).

– Postdoctoral Fellow at the North American ALMA Science Center, National Radioastronomy Observatory (NAASC-NRAO), Charlottesville VA, USA (11/2010–03/2014).

– Postdoctoral Fellow at the European ALMA Regional Center–Italian node, Osservatorio di Radioastronomia (INAF), Bologna, Italy (04/2014–03/2016).

Publications Summary: Link to Refereed Articles in ADS- Astrophysics Data System

– ~45 peer-reviewed papers in ApJ, A&A, Nature, MNRAS, and JPCA.

– Technical reports: ALMA (4) and IRAM-30m (2).

– ~40 conference contributions (6 publications in proceedings).

Teaching and Mentoring:

– Co-advisor of a summer student within the NRAO Summer Student Program (2013).

– Invited teacher in the international school “Guillermo Haro School on Molecular Astrophysics”, organized by the Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica (INAOE), Puebla, Mexico, 11-21 October 2016.

– Lecturer and support for hands-on tutorials in 9 ALMA events (proposal preparation and data reduction workshops), organized by NRAO and the ALMA Italian Node (2011-2016).

– Teaching assistant at the IRAM 30m Summer Schools (2003, 2005, 2007).

Use of telescopes:

– PI and co-I of several observing campaigns at IRAM-30m, Effelsberg 100m, Green Bank Telescope, OAN-Yebes 40m, IRAM-PdBI/NOEMA, Jansky VLA, and ALMA.

– IRAM-30m: Astronomer on Duty and user support (2003-2007).

– ALMA Observatory: User support in proposal preparation and data reduction, and Commissioning and Science Verification (2010-2016).

Service and committees:

– Referee in peer-review of articles for A&A and Chemical Reviews.

– Technical secretary for the ALMA Proposal Review Process (Cycle 1-2012 and Cycle 2-2014).

– NAASC-NRAO Postdoc Selection Committee (2012).

– Co-organizer of the University of Virginia/NRAO lunch talks (2011-2012).